The Hound

We’ve all been there. That relationship that ended but takes you forever to get over. Those feelings of holding on to… something… tearing at you. You know what you should logically do but those feelings get the better of you.

It’s a frequent topic of song lyrics but for good reason. It’s frikking hard to let go of someone you love. The longing, yearning, torture of it all. Sometimes music is the only thing that can get close to those emotions.

The Hound is John Constantine. With a background in opera, John turned to pop with the duo Orchid and Hound and has since gone it alone. That is, musically. Because John found a thriving queer scene in downtown LA; a community and family that inspires his solo music.

The beautiful video to the single Can’t Let You Go underscores the sentiment of the song with its breathtaking choreography. The gorgeous boys (Aram Giragos and John Constantine) don’t hurt, either.

Also, how fucking hot is that single sleeve?

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