Rogan Richards’ gives us all the Daddy Issues

It’s back! Yes, Borja Peña, Dom Top, DJ Josh Quinton & Miss Virginia Wright are preparing to fuck you all up with some more Daddy Issues and this time they come with Australia Next Top Top, Rogan Richards, in tow. We speak to him about next Saturday’s event at Beach Blanket Babylon, Masters of the Universe and ‘stinky pits.’

You’re coming over for this month’s Daddy Issues. Are you excited?
I’m heaps excited to finally be apart of a DADDY ISSUES night. I try not to expect anything, I just turn up and create some fun.

What are YOU bringing to the party?
My stinky pits.

The Daddy Issues team have very identifiable artwork. Which Daddy is your favourite from their tees?
I keep waiting for them to do a KICK ASS one of me, then that would be the obvious choice.

Last time we spoke, you had your heart set on world domination. How’s that working out for you?
It’s a work in progress.

We know you are a huge MOTU fan. Which character is your favourite?
I don’t have a favourite but honourable mentions go to Mer Man (my favourite in the cartoon,) Zodak (the original version, he’s really hot!), Stinkor (for obvious reasons) and Buzz Off. When I was around 10 my mum would care take of this kid who was  about eight. Our favourite game to play was wrestling in the back yard until we ripped our school shirts off and we were wrestling topless. I had no idea I was gay back then but I was getting massively turned on. This kid looked like a child Prince Adam. I just didn’t know how to process what I was feeling. Anyway he stopped coming over, maybe his mum got sick of replacing his school uniform or could see I was a big bad homo. As a parting gift his mum bought me the Buzz Off figure. I always remember that and wonder what the fuck that kid’s like now. Did he grow up to be as hot as I imagine? Can we have a re-match!

What is the Daddiest song you want to hear on the night?

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Daddy Issues is at Beach Blanket Babylon on 9th September.
Check out their Insta for more hot Daddys…