New: Chastity Belt – ‘Different Now’

Here are Loverboy, we’re a sucker for style over substance. We’re not gonna lie, we love a good aesthetic. Which is why we’re surprised we’re loving the new Chastity Belt track so much. The video is not for us but this is no diss piece, the library is not open. No ma’am, we’re here for the track. Yes, ‘Different Now’ has jumped up to our #5 most-played track of 2017 and that’s just from this weekend. We love the guitars, the vocals, everything. Listen…

‘Different Now’ is out now and the album I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone is out 2nd July.

EDIT: We’ve just read that the video is a parody of some Seattle grunge band. We were listening to Whigfield back then. #SorryNotSorry