Cabure Bonugli’s long snake moan

A hot, sweaty guy in some Sports Militia creation. Shots from The House of Avalon‘s latest night Snap out of it! or just a Mariah meme. There are many great creations to discover when killing time on Facebook. One such treat was finding Cabure Bonugli and his love for his pet snakes. Watching them hanging out in the shower, on the banisters  or just letting Coralie Minogue(!) chill on his head….because, why not? We thought we’d catch up with Cabure and find out more about his amazing history with pets.

Cabure we love your snakes. Why were you first drawn to them?
Well I grew up on a farm in small town Texas and aside from the normal animals you would expect chickens, ducks & turkeys, my father would bring home random baby animals that we would share our home with. As a kid I had a pet raccoon that we raised from a baby names Joey after Joey Lawrence, a baby deer named Cheeto who slept in my room until he started to get horns and show sign’s of aggression. We also had a pet Javelina (wild pig) names Pork Chop that we considered just another one of our dogs. I guess I would have to say it’s my dads fault. 

Which one did you get first and was it as simple as going to buy one or did it come into your life by accident?
As a child I always imagined I would have a whole room dedicated to reptiles and another room dedicated to insects. I’ve always wanted a snake & I think when I decided it was time it’s because I felt like I was in a place where I could be responsible enough to give that animal a good life. My little girl, the Milk Snake ( the red and black one aka Coralie Minogue) was the first one I got. I’ve had her for about 3 years now. When I first got her she she was so small she could curl up in my palm.

Do your snakes have different personalities?
Definitely! Coralie is a lot more active when she’s in her enclosure but she’s still a baby and like most baby snakes, she really doesn’t like to be held. She’s also much more of an aggressive eater that my big boy the ball python aka Carl Snakens (yes, named after my hero, the astronomer.) Carl is a bit more chill and laid back. I hold him more because he’s so chill. That being said he is a very picky eater and sometimes will go weeks without eating. That’s normal for some balls to not eat for months at a time. Fortunately for me he has not done that with me because I would probably freak out!

Do you plan on getting more?
If I could I would have so many more, my partner enjoys the snakes but he’s not too crazy about having a bunch of them. I’ve bugged him for years to let me get a Kimberley Rock Monitor or an Ackie Monitor. I think the word Monitor freaks most people out because they automatically think Komodo Dragon but the species I want are considered dwarf Monitors. 

Have they always been pretty tame or have you got in any scary situations?
They have always been pretty chill. I always get ridiculous questions from people like, “What if they try to eat you?” or, “Aren’t you afraid it’s going to kill you in your sleep?!” There are a small handful of stories out there where people have been killed by their pet snake but one thing to consider is that usually those snakes are 10 feet long or bigger. I have no want for a snake that big or venomous snakes for that matter. My big boy is 3 /12 feet and will probably max out at 4. 

Our last question is normally, ‘What is your favourite Mariah song?’ as we are named after the infamous ‘Loverboy’. But do your snakes react differently to any types of music?
Well, my favourite Mariah song…that’s just a mean question!! HAHAHA! How can anyone pick?! I would have to go with a classic for sure. BUT her collaborations…I mean Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men…or Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston! I guess I have to say ‘Fantasy’ or ‘Hero’ Or ‘Touch My Body’.
As far as the snakes go, snakes don’t have ears so they only feel vibrations. I would imagine bass would probably make them react but I’ve never tried. Now when I cooking that’s a whole other story! They become very curious….

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