A Little More Personal (Raw) With…Carlo Masi

It’s Sunday night, we’re on our way to Horsemeat Disco, but before we go dance to Diana and Donna, we wanted to bring you our interview with one of our all time porn icons, Carlo Masi.

Hey Carlo, so let’s get straight to the point, besides Adam, your long term boyfriend, who is your ultimate Loverboy?
His name is Giuseppe. I have his name tatooed on my shoulder. We were together for a few months when I was 17 but it didn’t work at all. But as we broke up we became friends and we have been a family for the last twenty years.

A lot of drag queens have ‘drag mothers’ who help them through the industry. Is it the same with porn?
Hmmmm….not in my experience. I’ve met a lot of special people who have supported and inspired me, like the Talent Coordinator at COLT Studio, Manfred Spears, or COLT Man, Karim.

I imagine as you became bigger in porn, you were able to command a higher fee. What was it like when you were starting out?
I started with a very, very good exclusive contract with COLT Studio. They treated me very nicely and they were very generous with me. I was so happy with that contract that I quit my other job: computer engineer.

You’ve now quit the industry after an amazing career. What led to your decision to quit?
I didn’t want to spoil my career. I wanted it to end at height of my success. It was very hard. But I knew it would have happened sooner or later. I quit the industry like a diva, slamming doors.

Besides Adam, who has been your favourite person to film with?
I love to masturbate and I watch a lot of porn. I see there are lots of new sexy guys around but I don’t know their names.

Were you friends with Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos, Wilfred Knight or any of the other porn stars who have recently passed away?
Well, I quit the industry before all those guys passed away so I don’t know how their death affected the industry. But I knew COLT Man, Karim, very well. He also passed away. He was the first guy I worked with and was special in so many ways. His death affected me a lot. I always get sad when I think of him and his beauty.

When are you and Adam getting married?
Unfortunately, Italy has not got a gay marriage law yet. Adam is a foreigner here and if we got married everything would be much easier. Every other year he has to apply for a visa to stay here, etc. If we were married he would have the Italian passport.

Adam calls you a Maths geek. What are you studying for right now?
Before I became Carlo Masi I achieved a Masters degree in Computer Engineering. Now I am studying for a Masters degree in Math. Hopefully I will finish this year. Then I will apply for a PhD, but I am almost 40 so it is not going to be easy, but I have a very good resumè. Let’s see what happens. My dream right now is to become a Math Professor, but it is not going to be easy. The competition is very high.

Our first issue featured Francois Sagat turned into Madonna circa ‘Justify My Love.’ If we were to transform you into Madonna, which era would it be?
It would be “Vogue”. It is one of my favourites, not only because of the music but also for what it represents. I remember I was 17, had just came out and one of my friends showed me the official video. I was fascinated.

It’s our first date, where are we going?
To my house to have sex. If sex works it will be much easier to make the rest work. As a second date, after we’d had sex again, I would take you to see the Pamphili Collection in Rome. I am really into art and I love my city, so it would make me happy to share with you the joy of seeing the masterpieces that give me so many emotions.

What’s your ringtone?
Lol, it’s the ringtone the phone had when I bought it. I am not much of a ringtone person.

What’s your favourite Mariah Carey song?
She is an amazing singer and I love most of what she sings but I am not a fan.

OK, there’s nothing left to discuss. We’re through before we even began. Ciao Carlo.